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Mental health is not only a subject extremely close to the hearts of The Northern

Youth but also currently a topic of serious debate as politicians are calling into

question the veracity and cause of the current epidemic. 4.4% or about 195,000

young people have an anxiety disorder. There has been a significant increase in the

number of young people being admitted to hospital due to self-harm, and over the

last ten years this figure has increased by 68%.

Mind​ is a charity close to our hearts

and is one which is greatly needed and has proven

effective for many of our friends, and members

of our team. We hope that The Northern Youth can, not only raise money for the charity, but also create inclusive, understanding and inspiring spaces to encourage and support individuality.

Visit the Mind UK website for more information

// Other Causes we support include...

Xavier Project (xavier.org) run schools, mentoring and job creation schemes with urban refugees in Nairobi and Kampala.


Xavier Project works to help create equal opportunities, which are consistently denied to

refugees around the world, through education: mobile libraries, ICT classes, teacher training

programmes and the promotion of education of refugee girls.

Visit the Xavier Project website for more information

"The show raised over £30,000 in aid of the Xavier Project and Refugee Action York. These two charities help to rehabilitate refugees both locally and in North Africa." - TNY

Refugee Action York works with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants from within and around the City of York.  We provide a safe meeting point where people can learn seek information and support, learn new skills and languages and form lasting friendships. Through providing this support we hope to empower individuals to assist them in rebuilding their lives.

Visit the Refugee Action York website for more information