the northern youth fund

Written by Dana Gamble

The Northern Youth: Official Launch T-shirt

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We are thrilled to announce our new fund: The Northern Youth Fund. 


Over the last three years, we have donated the profits from our annual events programmes to various charities, namely Refugee Action York, the Xavier Project and the national mental health charity MIND. Whilst these are incredible causes and we are very proud to have contributed to their work, we are now joining our two aims together to support mental health improvement through arts therapy and arts education for young people across the UK. 


Our annual events programme is based firmly on our aim to provide a sustainable and long-term platform to celebrate and push artistic talent and raise awareness for mental health issues and improvement: we host events to showcase everyone from poets to comics, from artists to designers. Therefore all profits from our events, as well as our other endeavours such as merchandise, partnerships and publicity, will contribute to the growth, publicity and long-term impact of our new fund. 


Running parallel to our events programme, we aim to platform and support artists though multiple other avenues. We soon will be launching our Editorial and Visual Platform which will work closely with rising artists, designers, small businesses and performers to create exciting visual, written and video content covering their work and goals. As well as this, we will be partnering with these selected creators to sell their work, designs or event tickets on The Northern Youth website in order to grow and reach our community. A percentage of these sales will also be donated to support our fund. 


To celebrate the launch of the fund to the fullest, we have released The Northern Youth’s first t-shirt run. All money from these sales will contribute to our mental health and arts education services partners via The Northern Youth Fund. Join us to celebrate the artistic, creative and charitable work in the North of England as well as our growing community of interested, active and thoughtful supporters! 

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